Administrative Office
SVKM Central Office

The operations of the SVKM are administered by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who reports to the SVKM Office Bearers. This central office is responsible for overall Strategic Direction, Growth Planning & Delivery, Finance Oversight, Communications and General Management.

The CEO is supported by a team whose functional areas include Human Resource Development, Information & communication Technology, SAP, Legal, Finance, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance etc.

The key personnel of administrative office are listed below -


Name Designation Name Designation
Mr. Asoke Basak Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jayant Kumar Banthia Advisor to the President-SVKM & Chancellor-NMIMS
Mr. Mohan Awate Addl. Chief Executive Officer Dr. Madhav N. Welling  Advisor to the President-SVKM & Chancellor-NMIMS
Mr. Anil Bapat Chief Financial Officer    
Mr. Nilesh Mohile Chief Administrator    
Mrs. Varsha Parab  Director, Project Implementation & Administration     
Mr. Hemant Mehta Director, IT    
Mr. Pankaj Srivastava Jt. Director, IT    
Mr. Rajesh Sharma  Jt. Director, SAP    
Mr. Rajendra Jambhekar Deputy Director, Materials    
Mr. Tushar Borialwala Project Manager, Construction    
Mr. Pramanand Angre Fire & Safety Officer